Aldo Tembe

The constant knowledge update and acquisition of new skills are part of the success of Aldo Tembe, the General Director of Moçambique Previdente.

Sector Finance
Issue Mozambique - Volume 1 On May 22, 2016

Consolidate the position, heading for success

The constant knowledge update and acquisition of new skills are part of the success of Aldo Tembe, the General Director of Moçambique Previdente. Two of his future objectives are to consolidate the current position and to turn the company that he runs into a national and international reference.

 He started his career at British American Tobacco (BAT) and in this multinational he was “pleased to learn not only with the local team, but also with the global team.” Aldo Mabay Arlindo Tembe played roles in a cross-department of the company, so he was often presented challenges and offered learning opportunities far beyond his training and comfort zone.

With a Law degree at the University Eduardo Mondlane (UEM), and after about four years on the British American Tobacco, he worked for a period as an independent consultant for some Mozambican companies in legal, human resources and corporate communications areas. According to Aldo Tembe, “the intense journey on a multinational and the independent consultancy were essential bases to participate in the creation of NBC Mozambique, which culminated in the founding of Moçambique Providente and in becoming its first General Director.”

The Moçambique Providente is a company specialized in pension fund management, which was created by EMOSE and with the participation of NBC Mozambique, a subsidiary of Negotiated Benefits Consultants – NBC Holdings (PTY), South Africa, IGEPE – Shareholding Management Institute of State and GETCOOP – Managers, Technicians and Workers of EMOSE. “Being part of a Pan African group, NBC Mozambique brought to Mozambique a background of knowledge, new ideas and ways of being, both to the country and to the market in general,” noted Aldo Tembe.

The executive states that one of the greatest professional challenges are related to the way “to bring our products to more people, taking into account that it is something completely new in Mozambique, which requires a minimum level of financial literacy, not to mention literacy”. Thus, he considers it necessary to “think and implement new communication, marketing and product development strategies, and at the same time it must ensure an excellent level of team performance and achieve customer expectations, by solving each question imposed by them.”

So Aldo Tembe has as expectations for his career, in the short and medium term, the consolidation of his current position, which takes place simultaneously with an outlined objective for the company that he runs: accomplish success, turning Moçambique Providente into a national and International reference.

To acquire more knowledge and skills

“Law school is very transversal and offers good learning bases,” says Aldo Tembe, who has acquired various skills throughout his career, from human resources to marketing and administration. “The versatility allows a comprehensive view of the business, giving you bases to take decisions in a more informed and safe manner, ensuring that at the first decision level it is already possible to have a clear idea of integration, product development and general strategy for the company in the achievement of defined objectives, “he said.

Aldo Tembe knowledge updating is an asset. “It allows the literal use of the motto ‘act local, think global’. We are in a global village, where what happens in China, the US or England affects Mozambique, “states the General Director of Moçambique Providente, arguing that the more information and knowledge you have, the more fluidity you will get in the day-to-day and decision-making.

In fact, for this professional the training in law, although extensive, was not enough. Over the years, simultaneously with his occupation, he has done several courses and workshops. “In today’s world, where we have almost all the information at our fingertips through the various media, it is imperative to be aware of current trends. We must have highly informed and updated experts. However, in areas of administration, more all-purpose, it is necessary not only to improve the skills already acquired, but to be in a constant process of mutation / renovation, “he says.

Importance of Communication

Aware of the importance of the transmission of ideas, the General Director of Moçambique Providente did not hesitate to develop skills in communication. “It is through communication that we express our ideas and we assert our views,” states Aldo Tembe, drawing attention to the importance of communicating in a simple and effective way within the industry that he is inserted. “Talking about financial literacy in general is difficult, so imagine talking about insurance and pension fund. It is crucial to be able to transmit accurate information to our audience in a simple way, “he says.

Corporate communication is also essential, “as we need to ensure that our values, our mission and our goals are well understood by stakeholders,” says Aldo Tembe, noting that many people confuse communication with marketing. “We do not just sell products and services to our customers and the general public. We also need to know who we are as a company and that we have objectives other than profit. Thus, corporate communication allows to solidify the name and brand, but also to spread the culture of the company, “adds the General Director of Moçambique Providente.

He is currently studying pension fund management at the University of South Africa (UNISA). “It is very difficult to combine studies with work, mainly due to time and travel. However, it is necessary, because we are in a very old industry, in other countries, but with many points of progress in recent times “, concludes Aldo Tembe.

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