The success of a company depends greatly on its teams’, and of each employee in particular, motivation. Motivation is the key for success.

Issue Mozambique - Volume 1 On May 22, 2016

The success of a company depends greatly on its teams’, and of each employee in particular, motivation. If motivation exists, tasks are performed with greater ease and professional pride.

The development of an organization is related to the way it is administered and managed, but it is also with the contribution of each team and specifically each employee that success is achieved. In fact, each person has his own skills and working in a team, together they build the success of the group.

It is therefore very important that each leader knows how to keep his team motivated and prepared to jointly achieve positive results. Furthermore, only with motivation is that tasks are performed with greater ease and disposal.

Thus, to motivate his employees, a good leader must know every member of his team in order to stimulate motivation. He should also propose challenges through defined goals, as well as offering incentives such as promotion, prizes or participation in training, as it is a form of gratification and career progression. The leader must also be close to the team and to value each element as a part of it, promoting dialogue to dismiss miscommunications and misunderstandings.

On the other hand, a team also motivates itself when it is respected and feels important for the functioning of a company. That is, people get motivated if not considered just as executing tasks but as a part of the whole. Teams must therefore be treated as a group of humans which are in capacities to contribute to the success in general.

Useful tips:

– Enumerate clearly the objectives to be met;

– Encourage team spirit;

– Involve all team members;

– Conduct regular meetings;

– Recognize and demonstrate progress;

– Praise the work performed;

– Celebrate each achievement as a team;

– Demonstrate confidence;

– Engage in the education and training of employees;

– Provide moments of relaxation to relieve stress.

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