Nowadays investing in training is an added value in the increasingly competitive labour market. But each situation must be analyzed for the best option.

Issue Mozambique - Volume 1 On May 22, 2016

Knowledge Management

Nowadays investing in training is an added value in the increasingly competitive labour market. But each situation must be analysed in order to choose the best option.

Gone are the days when knowledge acquired with a degree was considered to be sufficient. You only had to work, accumulate experience and there was nothing else to do for the sake of knowledge. It was a time when professionals had no expiry date and the labour market was less competitive. Also, the speed of information and technological advances were not yet dictating the rules.

A few years ago, job opportunities were quite different, and acquired knowledge was not suffering a downgrade at the speed of today. Changes now occur with an atrocious speed, and with the help of globalization and new technologies, training is no longer seen as a stage but rather as something constant throughout working life.

Each business area has its peculiarities, so some people may have a greater need to update knowledge than others. However, for each area there are numerous post-graduate courses, master degrees, technical courses and workshops.

The interested person must therefore be informed about the best suitable solutions to his situation and then invest in training. He should also be aware of the opportunities that the updating of knowledge should provide and if the skills he will acquire will be valued in the area where he operates.

It turns out that the commitment to training serves both to advance in ones’ career within the same company as to gain new knowledge that will be an asset in another distinct area.

The offer of training courses is vast. For example, a short course in which general knowledge about a subject is provided may serve to an end. But if the intention is specialization, a longer course will have better results. Each case is different and before deciding on this personal investment it is necessary to analyse the situation in general and perhaps ask for advice from a trusted person.


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