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To order to be a successful executive it is necessary to follow a path that is not always easy. Being a good communicator is necessary to achieve success.

Issue Mozambique - Volume 1 On May 22, 2016

To order to be a successful executive it is necessary to follow a path that is not always easy. Being a good communicator is only one of the characteristics necessary to achieve success.

There is no magic formula to succeed. But some features, as well as hard work and also a great learning (including by his own mistakes) are half way to being a successful executive and a professional with specific skills and qualifications that make the difference.

Characteristics of an executive

Higher education. A degree is not enough. An executive is expected to graduate, own a masters and MBA. The institution which conducted the courses is also important.

Information technologies. It is expected that an executive knows more than the basics of computer programs as a user, as well as the useful tools such as email, video conferencing programs, among others.

Languages. In addition to the mother tongue, it is important to have knowledge of foreign languages, including advanced training, in order to communicate fluently.

Human relations. The interpersonal relationship is very important and it is essential to have skills in communication, both to deal with the elements of his team, as to establish relationships with people from other companies. It is important to resolve conflicts, motivate employees or empathize.

General update. It is important to be an updated and informed person, both in general and on the area in which he operates.

Updating of knowledge. Knowledge is continuous, so generally a successful executive invests in continuing education, attending numerous training activities and higher education.

Helpful hints

An executive should also consider some factors to achieve success. To know:

– Carefully select the employees in order to have a good team;

– Know how to motivate and encourage employees;

– Encourage team spirit;

– Manage his time;

– Be a good manager of resources;

– Be a leader.

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